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Terms and Conditions

By using the United Almonds Limited (ABN: 13 102 342 870) website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use as outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The information on this website refers to United Almonds Limited (“UAL”)  and its Almond Orchard Projects and is intended for Australian residents only.

To the extent information constitutes advice, it is general advice that has been prepared without reference to any existing or prospective Investor’s objectives, financial situation or needs.

Any yield, almond sale price or operating cost information contained on this website is historical.  Yields, almond sale prices and operating costs vary, hence so will the returns received by Investors in the Projects.

Any estimates in this information may differ from actual results and should not be taken as forecasts.  Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

This information is provided to you by UAL on an “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind either express or implied. While UAL has taken all reasonable care in producing this information, subsequent changes in circumstances may occur at any time and may impact on the accuracy of the information.  The Information is believed to be accurate and current at the date of production. UAL will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered from reliance on this information. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, opinion, general advice or other content made available through this website.

Links to other sites are provided for your convenience only. Any such links do not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendations of any other company, product or service or any affiliation between UAL and any other organization. UAL does not control and is not responsible for the content of any other site accessed via this site and therefore makes no representations regarding the accuracy or suitability of such information.

UAL does not guarantee that its website will be free from computer viruses, although due care has been taken to minimize this risk.

Users must not transfer any destructive or harmful material to this site or alter its content.

UAL will use best efforts to provide access to this site on a 24 hour basis. However, there may be an interruption to the service to facilitate the site’s maintenance or for other reasons. UAL will not be liable to any person for interruptions to the service for any reason.

The material in this site is copyright and remains the property of UAL. UAL grants you permission to reproduce any material on this site for your personal use only. Any content is not for public circulation or reproduction without the prior written consent of UAL.

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