RMONPRO Developments Pty Ltd

Orchard Manager


UAL appointed RMONPRO Developments Pty Ltd to carry out the orchard management function for all UAL projects.

Each year, RMONPRO Developments develops a horticulture management plan that is designed to maximise yields and returns to Growers.

ALMONDCO Australia Limited

Processing and Marketing Agent


Located at Renmark, South Australia, Almondco Australia Limited has one of the largest and most modern almond processing plants in Australia. Almonds from our Almond Projects will be graded according to quality, colour and size.

Our almonds will then be pooled with other HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) accredited growers’ almonds and sold to domestic and overseas markets. Premium almonds produced receive the highest price. Almondco offers a broad range of almond products and has strategic partnerships with Australia’s key food manufacturers, repackers, wholesalers, food service providers and confectioners. Almondco has well established export markets in the United Kingdom, Western Europe, India, Japan, Middle East and New Zealand. Almondco is developing markets, as supply permits, in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and China.

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