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Company Overview

United Almonds Limited is recognised as a leading almond agribusiness investment manager.

Established in 2003 by a group of experienced horticultural and finance professionals, United Almonds Limited (“UAL”) operates as the manager and responsible entity of a suite of specialised almond agribusiness managed investment schemes (“MIS”). UAL manages nearly 3,000 acres of planted almond trees across seven almond projects based on a 4,000 acre property situated at Piangil, approximately 40 km northwest of Swan Hill, Victoria.

UAL, an unlisted public company, has a history of providing investors access to the investment areas with real long-term value, including ownership of orchard assets such as land, trees, some water rights, orchard and irrigation infrastructure.

Acting as the Responsible Entity/Project Manager/Trustee for our grower projects and orchard asset trusts, UAL liaises with the orchard manager, the almond processing and marketing agent and the independent custodian that holds the title to all the project assets (providing an additional layer of investment security for investors).

UAL regularly interacts with water brokers and other water market professionals to acquire temporary water allocations to irrigate the almond trees and engages with the Projects’ external auditor as required.

UAL also liaises with the ATO, managing all aspects of taxation obligations for the Projects, as well as all compliance requirements as per the Projects’ Constitution, Compliance Plan, the Corporations Act, ASIC and AUSTRAC regulations.

UAL’s Compliance Committee oversees all activities in relation to the MISs and ensures appropriate compliance measures are in place to mitigate risk to the Projects’ assets and to protect the interests of investors.

UAL provides continual support and ongoing communication and correspondence with over 600 investors.

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